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Internship Project: Chicken eggs (VIDEO)


Published 10.07.2024

Cathérine Mannes, a 21-year-old biology student at the University of Cologne (Germany), completed a 6-week internship at the Luxembourg Science Center as part of her studies. Cathérine is passionate about life sciences, but she particularly enjoys studying ecology and zoology.

Cathérine's professional goal is to become a high school biology teacher, as science education is very important to her, which is why she chose the Luxembourg Science Center for her internship. She also likes to explain the scientific aspect of everyday objects to her friends and family. For her internship project at the Luxembourg Science Center, Cathérine has chosen the topic of Chicken eggs.

Chicken eggs are a staple food in most people's diets around the world, used in many recipes and delicious on their own. However, most people ignore how the chicken produces the egg, what the different components of the chicken egg are, etc. In her educational video, Cathérine sheds light on the biology of chicken eggs through several interesting and simple experiments that can be repeated at home.

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