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A Science Center near you!

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Published 10.07.2024

Have you ever visited the Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange?

The Luxembourg Science Center is an interactive discovery center dedicated to science and new technologies. Every day, visitors can engage in a fascinating journey of discovery for all ages. Whether with family or friends, experiment with nearly 100 interactive stations and take part in one of the 20 spectacular science shows currently on the schedule, including our brand-new planetarium.

The journey begins in our large exploration room. Visitors can try out various phenomena at nearly 100 interactive stations. Lift a car with the strength of your arms. Compete against a robot in a game of foosball! Touch the largest plasma ball in the world… There's something for everyone and every age!

(All our interactive stations are accompanied by touch screens with explanations in 5 languages: FR, EN, LU, DE, PT).

In addition to this large exploration room, visitors can also participate in up to 20 spectacular science shows (for ages 6 and up) with an average duration of 45 minutes. Electricity, fluids, optics, magnetism, acoustics… and our newest attraction: the "Planetarium" show, where you travel through the stars!

(All our shows are presented in four languages: FR, EN, LU, DE. Check out the program of the shows on

Looking for an original and unforgettable activity to do with your family or friends? The Science Center team looks forward to welcome and surprise you.


The Science Center near you!

  • 10 km from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 20 km from Longwy, France
  • 40 km from Uckange, France
  • 115 km from Nancy, France
  • 150 km from Namur, Belgium
  • 160 km from Liège, Belgium
  • 75 km from Trier, Germany
  • 80 km from Wallerfangen, Germany
  • 85 km from Saarlouis, Germany
  • 95 km from Völklingen, Germany
  • 105 km from Saarbrücken, Germany
  • 115 km from St. Ingbert, Germany

Plan your exploration !

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