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Science Alert (3 Episodes)


Published 09.07.2024

Experts from the respective departments are presented in the video series and science is highlighted in their everyday life.


– EPISODE 1 – EPISODE 1 – Vinsmoselle: Charlène Muller, cellar master at DomainesVinsmoselle, explains how tartar is created and how tartar can be prevented.

– EPISODE 2 – LUNEX: Dr. Thorben Hülsdünker, Research Fellow at LUNEX University, demonstrates how training with stroboscopic glasses can optimize the reaction speed of athletes.

– EPISODE 3 – Terra: Sophie Pixius, co-founder of Terra, explains the impact of climate change on agriculture and how you can strengthen the resilience of agriculture.

The ScienceAlert project, is co-financed by a PSP Classic subsidy.

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