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NEW: The Ant Farm!


Published 10.07.2024

Discover our brand-new living station: The Ant Farm!

Come and meet our new residents and enter the world of "Acromyrmex octospinosus", the ingenious leaf-cutting ant!

These ants usually live in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, and form their nests on ground surfaces, hollow tree trunks or under stones.

Specifically, these ants cultivate a vital fungus within their colony and feed it with harvested leaves. Note that they can carry 50 times their body weight. Finally, this fungus is their main source of food.

At the Luxembourg Science Center, you can now observe how they take possession of the environment we've made available to them.

Can you recognize the different roles ants play? Look for the "cutters" who transport the leaves, or the "workers" who prepare and decompose the leaves for the fungus.

The nearly 500 ants can't wait to meet you. We look forward to seeing you in Differdange!

Plan your exploration !

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