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The European Statistics Competitions (4x Videos)


Published 19.02.2024

The European Statistics Competitions – A powerful way to spark statistical literacy


We are excited to look back at Luxembourg’s first participation in the European Statistics Competition, co-organized by the STATEC and the LSC during the school year 2021–2022.

Over 17 000 students from 19 countries signed up for the challenge.

After a tough national phase with over 100 participating groups just in Luxembourg, the winning teams in each participating country took part in the big European final. They were asked to make a two-minute video on the topic of the environment. Contestants had to present their findings on what official statistics tell about the environment in their country/region. The students produced really powerful videos, with a clear message:  we need to build (statistical) knowledge about environmental issues and take action!

Congrats to all the participating teams for their great work!

Luxembourg’s videos:

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