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5 NOVELTIES: Interactive stations and other surprises!

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Published 10.07.2024

The Luxembourg Science Center, a hands-on discovery center, offers unique experiences for the whole family! Accessible to all ages, interact with over a hundred stations and take part in a wide range of science shows, including the Planetarium!

As our most loyal visitors know, the Science Center is constantly innovating, adding new interactive stations and science shows!

Here are the 5 novelties of the moment:


  • NEW interactive station “Speed of sound”:

"Put on your headphones and speak into the cone on the left. When you speak into this 180m pipe, your sound travels at a speed of 342m per second, or 1200 km/h. Try it out!"

  • NEW interactive station "Shooting star detector":

"Watch the screen carefully! If you're lucky, you'll see blue & green spots… these are shooting stars passing overhead, in real time. Alternatively, you can admire a selection of real meteorites".

  • NEW Interactive station " Pendulum Carriage":

Can you make the carriage move just by swinging the pendulum? How is the pendulum's kinetic energy transferred to the carriage? What kind of motion will we get? It's up to you to find out.

  • UPDATE: Science show "Planetarium – Version 2024":

Our planetarium has been given a brand-new update. It's full of surprises and new features. Our science communicators can't wait to integrate them into future shows and take you on a journey through the stars!

  • UPDATE: Interactive station "Sandbox V2":

"Our sandbox has been updated with brand-new lighting and even more responsive augmented reality. Form sand reliefs and stretch your hand over the sandbox to simulate rain. The experience is yours to build!

Join us in Differdange! An exciting series of discoveries for all ages awaits you every day!

Plan your exploration !

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