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OCEAN DAYS (8-9 June)

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Published 09.07.2024

« Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund »

Dive into the wonders of the ocean!

Our five oceans cover about 70% of the Earth, and without them, our planet would not be what it is today. Did you know that our oceans are less explored than outer space? Without our oceans, however, life on Earth would be seriously out of balance. Come to the Ocean Days from 8 to 9 June in the Luxembourg Science Center and find out  what the ocean has to do with the origin of life on Earth, how marine species are adapted to their environment and much more.

Talks by marine biologists and other experts, as well as interactive workshops, will introduce you to the fascinating world of marine research. In addition, creative activities will be organised for the youngest visitors to introduce them to the secrets of the ocean in a playful way.

Whether you are a marine biologist or simply fascinated by the underwater world, join us at the LSC for three days of exploring the mysteries of the ocean.

Saturday 8 June and Sunday 9 June, from 10.00 to 18.00: Open to all visitors

  • Show - L'océan, notre meilleur allié contre le changement climatique! (Frederic Conrotte. Manager ESERO Luxembourg)
  • Talk – #OceanOptimism (Dr. Anna Schleimer. Presidentin vun Odyssea)
  • Talk – Les cyanobactéries (Dr. Jean-Baptiste Burnet du LIST)
  • Talk – Fantastische Wurmkreaturen aus der Tiefe (Dr. Bernhard Egger, Privatdozent an der Universität Innsbruck)
  • Talk – De l'eau dans l'espace? (Dr. Veneranda Lopes Dias du LIST)

Note that spontaneous program changes may occur.

Plan your exploration !

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